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At Malt we believe in a new work revolution where everyone is free to choose the best people to work with. A world where success is powered by the perfect combination of the right people, the right team, and the right projects. With over 130 000 project owners ready to take their projects even further and a european community of 210 000 freelancers, we are proud to be the largest community of freelance consultants in Europe.

The collaboration between Malt & Wayra is building the future of work, or how we like to call it, “the new work order”. Bringing together the innovation of Wayra’s Startups and the power of Malt’s freelancers Community.

Malt provides you with the power of a cutting-edge algorithm and the best technological tools in order to find the right person and manage your projects in a safe environment, thanks to AXA insurance. An exclusive partnership with Wayra that includes a dedicated Malt account manager, an expert sourcing team and the assistance of our support team.

A premium service with 7% cost for every project, which for all Wayra startups will be free (0% in service charges). A solution that, in addition to the protection of our AXA RC Pro* insurance, will give you access to the best Malt technology tools:

● Malt Plus, is what happens when you team up recruitment experts and advanced artificial intelligence to find the best possible talents the quickest way possible.
● Malt Insights, One tool for managing all your company's freelance activity. Your contracts, invoices, and payments are all in one spot. Regulate spending and streamline your corporate expenses.
● Malt Open, a hosting solution that allows you to centralize and secure your external providers on one single interface.

*AXA RC Pro: Every freelancer you work with on Malt is protected by RC Pro AXA insurance up to 5 million €. You're covered.

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