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Increase Pay

Increase Pay is an online platform for managing all your subscriptions and automate your recurring charges.

increase pay

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Manage easily each of your plans, products and subscriptions of your business with Increase Pay.

  • Maximize recurring payments. Generate automatic retries over the failed charges and offer a variety of payment methods to your clients.
  • Get more flexibility in the creation and management of payment plans. Offer plans with a variety of pricing models (fixed, usage-based, etc.) and different billing frequencies. Give discounts and promotions to your customers as needed. Apply taxes and modify prices on a massive scale.
  • Give your customers an easy way to subscribe to your product or service. Integrate our customizable web checkout to your platform and make it simple for your users to complete the payment process.
  • Easy Integrations. Automate 100% of the recurring payment process integrating Increase Pay with your ERP. Be able to update the information of your clients such as cancellations, suspensions, and prices with our API.
increase pay


  • Wayra Hubs & Wayra X
  • Wayra Activation Programme
  • Open Future


  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Peru