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Transparent Edge Services_ Fast Transcoding and CDN

Direct credits. Up to € 5,000 credit in Fast Transcoding service (video live and on demand) and / or in Edge Distributed Content service during the first six months of service. Discounts. Up to 30% discount on Edge Team services, platform consulting and cloud systems.

Transparent Edge

Credits & discount


What is the Startup Program?

The Startup Program offers entrepreneurs and startups a support plan, services and products from the most incipient to the most consolidated stages.

We offer reliability and security in emerging and innovative projects, driving their growth from the beginning.

We work together and follow a single strategy to achieve business and technology goals.

We help you with the design and management of your infrastructure, understanding the business and contributing our experience.

We take into account current and future requirements, controlling costs in each phase (Pre-seed, Seed, Early Stage, Growth Stage and Expansion).

Our team of technology experts will listen to you at all times. We make decisions together and act as a sole technological interlocutor with the rest of the suppliers so you can focus on developing your business.

Besides all of the above, we provide you with visibility on our website, posts on RRSS and networking.

Services we offer to Wayra startups

Fast Transcoding:

  • It allows converting live video streams and videos on demand to the necessary formats in order to be distributed to multiple devices. It is a scalable service based on demand, which allows us to reduce transcoding process times (ten seconds for every minute of video). The use of hardware acceleration or by GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) allows us to transcode files in h.264 in a more efficient way.We accept any input format and all traditional industry formats for output.

Edge Distributed Content:

  • We cache all types of content, both static and dynamic, bringing it closer to the end user, using the latest caching algorithms and making pages load up to 10 times faster. Our CDN is the perfect solution to distribute content over the internet in an economical, fast and secure way.

Edge Team:

  • Dedicated administration on 8/5 or 24/7, support and monitoring, so you always have your services available on the internet.

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Transparent Edge Services


  • Wayra Hubs & Wayra X
  • Wayra Activation Programme
  • Open Future
  • Wayra Builder


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  • Brazil
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  • Mexico
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